About Us

Welcome! This is the official site of the River Glen Homeowners Association. Listed below, in alphabetical order are topics that you may find useful.


River Glen Homeowner’s Association holds one annual meeting a year for all homeowners. The meeting is in September and when board elections are held. Notices are sent out, it is put on our website and signs at all main entrances are posted well in advance as to date, time and place. We highly recommend residents to attend.

Board meetings are held the second Tuesday every other month at the Delaware Township Government Building, 9090 E. 131st St. from 7 to 8:30 PM. Any interested homeowner is welcome to attend and we encourage block captains to also attend.


It is our intention to maintain the quality of our neighborhood and investments of all residents. In order to do this, our covenants list those items that need to have architectural approval. You can find them in the neighborhood directory and also on our website. It is important to understand that you need to allow fourteen (14) days after the committee has received your request for you to receive either approval or disapproval. Work is not to begin until approval is received. Any work started and not approved will be required to be removed at the owner’s expense. Contact any board member if you have questions prior to submission of your application.


If you have any of the above that you would like to share with the board, please put them in writing and submit to the president or another appropriate board member.


River Glen has had a very successful relationship with The Fishers’ Crime Watch program. Information is sent to residents throughout the year of any crime, what we can do to prevent crime, who to contact if there is a security or safety concern. Also families may submit vacation requests to the Fishers Police Dept. that will provide additional surveillance while you are gone. This is a “neighbor looking out for neighbor” type of program.


All residents receive a new binder directory. It is very important to make sure information is correct and that any new deletions or additions be made to your block captain so they can forward it to the party in charge.


Mailboxes and yard lights are to be uniform in nature, according to their area, including design and color. Information on these can be found in the directory or contact a board member who will put you in touch with person in charge to help you if you are in the need of either one.

Remember, if your mailbox/post was damaged by a Fisher’s snowplow, to please call the Fishers Public Works Department (317-595-3160) as soon as possible. They will come out and repair the damage as soon as weather permits.


All homeowners are automatically members of the association and must pay an annual fee, which is sent to you in December and due in January. If you submit your payment late, there is a late fee. The Board of Directors, in accordance with our covenants, set the amount of dues assessed annually.


We have vendors who are hired to mow, treat common area grass, maintain flowerbeds, etc. If you notice a problem with any of these, please notify a board member. We also have a vendor who services our irrigation system.


Block captain of your area will welcome you. They will provide you with a folder of information pertaining to River Glen. Be sure to give him/her, besides your name and address, your phone number and also your e-mail address. This is important so we can continue to inform you of any association news, issues, events and crime watch program, etc. Your e-mail address is not published and is not used for anything but association and neighborhood news. The information requires a password to access.


No overnight vehicle parking on the streets is permitted. No other vehicles (vans, trucks, campers, motorcycles, motor homes, boats, trailer and non—licensed cars or trucks) shall be placed, parked or stored on a lot at any time outside the garage.


You are to pick up after your pet if you are off your property. All pets must be kept on a leash when anywhere but your property. Please be respectful and courteous to others using the same sidewalks and streets.


The streets of River Glen plowed by the Town of Fishers. Major roads (116th – Allisonville, etc.) are plowed first – then secondary roads (Hague – 106th, etc.) Third they will plow the through-roads in neighborhood (River Glen Drive), and then other streets so depending on where you live, you may not get plowed immediately. If you live on a “so-called” private street or private area in River Glen, they are not obligated to plow those.


Speed limit signs of 25 mph are posted for River Glen Drive and we encourage residents to travel slower than that and be cautious of children – especially in the summer when they may be walking to the pool.


You may use any private trash company that you wish.

Any item such as batteries, chemicals fertilizers, paints, etc., that trash services are not allowed to pick up you may deposit at the Hamilton County Solid Waste Management Facility located at 1717 E. Pleasant St. in Noblesville (317-776-4005).


Electric: Duke Energy
Gas: Vectren
Water: Citizens Water
Cable and Internet: Xfinity or AT&T

All official correspondence to the River Glen Homeowners Association should be addressed to:
River Glen Homeowners Association
ATTN: Board of Directors
P.O. Box 61
Fishers, Indiana 46038-0061